CNC Turner

Company:  CV-Library
Location: Bitton
Closing Date: 19/06/2024
Salary: £15 - £20 Per Hour
Hours: Full Time
Type: Permanent
Job Requirements / Description
As a CNC Machinist specializing in twin spindle, multi-axis CNC turning centres, you will play a crucial role in our manufacturing process. Your primary responsibility will be the programming, setting up, and operation of CNC turning centres equipped with Fanuc controls. This role demands a high level of technical expertise and precision to transform engineering drawings into high-quality machined components. Key Responsibilities: 1. Programming: * Develop CNC programs for twin spindle, multi-axis turning centres using Fanuc controls based on engineering drawings and specifications. * Optimize programs to ensure efficient and accurate machining processes. 2. Setup: * Set up and prepare CNC turning centres for production runs. * Install and secure tooling, fixtures, and workpieces according to job requirements. 3. Operation: * Monitor and control the CNC machining process to achieve the desired output. * Conduct regular quality checks to ensure the accuracy and precision of machined components. 4. Troubleshooting: * Identify and troubleshoot issues with CNC programs, machinery, or tooling to minimize downtime and ensure continuous operation. 5. Quality Assurance: * Adhere to quality standards and inspection procedures to maintain the highest level of product quality. * Collaborate with quality control teams to address any deviations from specifications. 6. Documentation: * Maintain accurate records of CNC programs, setup procedures, and production parameters. * Provide detailed documentation of any adjustments made during the machining process. 7. Collaboration: * Work closely with engineering and design teams to interpret drawings and specifications accurately. * Collaborate with colleagues to optimize machining processes and implement best practices. 8. Safety and Compliance: * Adhere to safety protocols and guidelines in the operation of CNC turning centres. * Ensure compliance with company policies and industry regulations. Qualifications and Skills: * Proven experience in programming, setting up, and operating twin spindle, multi-axis CNC turning centres with Fanuc controls. * Proficiency in reading and interpreting engineering drawings and blueprints. * Strong understanding of machining principles, tooling, and materials. * Ability to troubleshoot and resolve issues related to CNC programming and machining processes. * Attention to detail and a commitment to producing high-quality work. * Knowledge of safety protocols and compliance standards in a manufacturing environment
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